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Rising Above the Pack:

Interview tips from a recruiter’s perspective

Imagine the following scene: There’s a conference room and seated at the table are the hiring manager, the team members who interviewed you, and the HR team. It’s time to make a final decision about who they’re bringing on board for this important role. Everyone is handed a folder with five resumes and the hiring manager kicks off the meeting, “OK folks, what do we think here?”

The team members begin discussing each candidate. “OK, this first one is really strong. They definitely have the experience and we feel they could plug right in and immediately add value. They held their cards pretty close to the chest however, so we didn’t get the best read on how they might gel with the team.”

“OK,” the manager says, “Who else have we got?”

“This next one isn’t quite as experienced, but they really connected well with everyone. They will definitely be a cultural fit.”

Just like this, one by one, the team reviews each resume, weighing the pros and cons. At the end, the manager asks each member of the team, “OK, who do you think we should go with?”

As one of those candidates, don’t you want every competitive advantage in your favor? Of course you do! So what will set you apart from the rest?

Remember: people make decisions emotionally, and then justify those decisions rationally… not the other way around.

What emotions are they looking for as they decide between you and the other candidates?

Well, they’re looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, that sense that “this is the one”. In other words, they’re looking for TRUST.

Now imagine that on that conference table, right next to the other four profiles is your resume bundled with your TEREFIC Reference Report that includes pages of reviews from former managers, clients, and coworkers. Picture what they say:

“Mary was the best employee I’ve ever had. If a project was mission-critical, I always gave it to her…”

“John’s superpower was his ability to connect with anyone. He was the glue of our office and any company will be fortunate to have him…”

“Good employees are hard to find. If you have a chance to hire Jackie, do it…and don’t let her go!”

Who do YOU think they’re going to choose?

With your TEREFIC Reference Report, we give decision-makers the information they need to feel good about choosing YOU over everyone else…and we give them that information at the time when it matters most: right when they’re making the choice, and not after the fact like references are traditionally used.

Simply go the “Employers” page on TEREFIC and enter the name and email of 1) the recruiter who contacted you in the first place, and 2) the hiring manager. TEREFIC will send them an email with your TEREFIC protected link to access the positive reviews you’ve selected. Your references are secure and confidential. Only those whom you’ve granted access to will ever see your references.

You’ve spent your career building relationships and delivering great work. Get the most out of your good name with your TEREFIC Reference Report. Together, we will get you higher.

Taylor photo
By Taylor Mee-Lee
Recruiter, Career Coach, Trainer

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