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Letters of Recommendation Aren’t Working. Now What?

Resume tips from a recruiter’s perspective

It’s time to gather letters of recommendation for your job search, so what do you do? You reach out to former bosses, professors, or key clients and their responses are always the same: “Happy to help! Write something up and send me a draft,” they reply.

Now unless you’re used to writing flattering words about yourself in the third person, you’ll likely head to Google and start typing “letters of reco..” and watch as scores of letter templates populate your search. You glance at a few of them and pick whatever looks most promising. You personalize it of course, perhaps adding in a few specifics of key projects or maybe some metrics, then you run spell check and send it off.

Now picture the recruiter on the other end. They open the letter, read the name of the signer and perhaps Google them to get a snapshot of their background. They start reading the first few lines and it quickly becomes apparent that this is the same old, same old—another wordy, boring, bland letter. It’s as exciting as the oatmeal they were forced to eat as a child. They stop reading intently and quickly scan through to the end.

Yes, the letter checks the box, but does it really do the job of setting you apart?

Take a moment to consider the nature of communication in our society right now. Attention spans are shorter than ever in a world where the most viral videos are 10 seconds or less. We are drinking from a collective firehose of content, and to break through the noise, you’ve got to be real. And after a year of product pitches, negotiations, and client meetings from our kitchen tables, with our dogs running through the background of our video calls, outdated formalities like letters of recommendation feel more out of place than ever.

Now consider what TEREFIC does to set you apart in a world that demands authenticity and connection in 10 seconds or less. TEREFIC sends your references a few poignant questions designed to get to the heart of what sets you apart--what it’s like to work with you, the unique flavor you brought to the company, the mark you left. The entire process takes mere minutes. You then choose the reviews that encapsulate you best and TEREFIC attaches them directly to your resume so they help you throughout the hiring process, not just at the end. And to make sure that hiring managers see them, TEREFIC puts an eye-catching badge at the top of your resume that reads “TEREFIC-verified references”.

So much has changed about the way we work and talk to one another. Authenticity, clarity, and pithiness are the name of the game, so you need tools that capture and deliver personal references in a way that really moves the needle. TEREFIC will get you higher.

Want to know more? Learn why TEREFIC is known as the CARFAX of job hunting.

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By Taylor Mee-Lee
Recruiter, Career Coach, Trainer

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