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The Hard Truths About Job Hunting:

Resume tips from a recruiter’s perspective

I always tell candidates at the beginning of the job search, “Remember that you are selling yourself! YOU are the product, so put yourself in the hiring managers’ shoes in everything that you do!”

The harsh reality of recruiting is that hiring managers spend about 6 seconds reviewing your resume.

Is this unfair? Probably, but it’s a fact of hiring these days—I know, because I was a recruiter in Silicon Valley for many years. Your first priority should be separating yourself from the pack as quickly as possible, ensuring that of the hundreds of resumes hiring managers receive, yours is put into the “further review” pile. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think! Allow me to explain by telling you a short story about an experience I had recently.

A few months ago I was looking to buy a car and I was clear on the core characteristics I wanted: style, efficiency, a few miles on the odometer, and above all dependability. I didn’t want a car with costly hidden problems! Hours into the search however, I was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of vehicles on the market, and still nervous about being fooled over the vehicle’s true condition. “How do I choose the right one?”, I worried. Then I remembered the CARFAX commercials—you know, the ones with the cute “Car Fox” mascot that promises to give you “all the facts”.

If you’re buying a car, you want to see that CARFAX-verified badge and its promise that the vehicle is “accident-free”, “1-owner verified”, or has “extensive service history”. And if you’re selling a car, you definitely want that big, visible badge on your listing!

What CARFAX does for the car buying experience, TEREFIC does for you as a job seeker.

TEREFIC is all about leveraging the power of references, and using these powerful recommendations not just at the end of the interview process, but at the beginning when they can have much more impact. References reassure hiring managers that they’re getting a high quality candidate, and make the process of sifting through the mountain of resumes so much easier. So how does it work?

If you’re searching for a job, simply enter into our portal the contact information of a few people you’ve worked with that you know will give you a stellar recommendation. We send them a quick online survey that takes less than 5 minutes to complete. You then get to decide which references are added to your TEREFIC Power Resume, which will also include a small, but eye-catching badge of excellence in the top right corner that says, “TEREFIC-Verified References.”

Now, when recruiters see your resume, they’ll see that badge within those 6 seconds and can read the references right then and there. They don’t need to open LinkedIn on a different tab, apply tons of filters trying to locate you among everyone else, and scroll through your entire profile only to read a few short and therefore less credible endorsements. Recruiters don’t have time for that! Instead, TEREFIC puts your stellar recommendations right in front of their eyes at the moment when it matters most: when they’re making that snap judgment between you and everyone else!

Here’s the bottom line: recruiters are busy, slammed, and often feel overwhelmed. Your job is to make yourself as compelling as possible, and make it easy for hiring managers to feel good about selecting YOU over someone else. TEREFIC for job seekers does just that by giving you a Power Resume that stands out from all the rest.

Already interviewing? Click here to read about how you can use your TEREFIC references to go from interviewee to hire. Together, we will get you higher.

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By Taylor Mee-Lee
Recruiter, Career Coach, Trainer

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