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Linkedin Recommendations

When and When NOT to Use Them

If you’re launching a job hunt, you probably start by updating your resume. Then you scrub social media of any risqué content, and finish by making sure your LinkedIn is accurate. You might even request a few recommendations from former managers or coworkers—after all, in this day and age, reviews are everything!

But WHERE those reviews live makes all the difference. Consider this:

LinkedIn recommendations are most useful for passive candidates that aren’t actively looking, the people who are happy where they are but would move for the perfect role or compensation. Recruiters have to hunt down these candidates and sometimes use LI recs to gauge whether or not they should reach out. But what about you—a candidate who is actively applying to roles?

For active candidates, LI recommendations are practically useless because they’re totally out of sight.

A company recruiter receives hundreds, if not thousands of resumes for every role. There’s no way that recruiter is picking up your resume, going to LinkedIn, searching for your name, scrolling through your profile, and reading through your 5-10 recommendations to find the most relevant ones. What are they doing instead?

In reality, they are looking at your resume’ for about 6 seconds, spending the majority of their time and attention on the top half (your most recent experience), and then quickly scanning the rest to see if anything else jumps out. So how do you harness the power of reviews inside the harsh reality of today’s hiring climate? TEREFIC can help.

TEREFIC’s Power Resume puts a small, but eye-catching badge of excellence at the top of your resume that says, "TEREFIC-Verified References.” This badge will pique the recruiter’s interest in those crucial seconds when they’re first considering you. And when they scan the rest of your resume, they’ll see a few curated, powerful reviews that you’ve decided to highlight.

As a job seeker, you’ve got to do everything you can to separate yourself from the pack, to make an impression at the very moment when recruiters are deciding your fate! TEREFIC helps you do that by leveraging your most powerful asset--your reputation and good name--and deploying it at the moment when it can help you most. TEREFIC will get you higher.

Want to know more? Learn why TEREFIC is known as the CARFAX of job hunting.

Taylor photo
By Taylor Mee-Lee
Recruiter, Career Coach, Trainer

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